Pictures: International Day of the Girl

11 October 2012 Last updated at 16:31 BST

Famous landmarks around the world are lit up to celebrate the first International Day of the Girl
Niagara Falls in Canada lit up pink
The first International Day of the Girl is being celebrated around the world on 11 October. Famous landmarks like the Niagara Falls here in Canada have been lit up pink.
Finlandia Hall in Finland lit up pink
International Day of the Girl has been run by children's charity Plan and backed by the United Nations. They want to raise awareness of the millions of girls missing out on education and poverty. This building in Finland has been lit pink to show its support for the campaign.
Schoolchildren in Ethiopia, East Africa
One in three girls are missing out on an education because of poverty and other circumstances. Here, schoolchildren in the East African country Ethiopia are wearing pink uniforms to recognise the day. They were given the uniforms by the charity Plan, who have launched a campaign called 'because I'm a girl'.
London Eye lit up pink
They also campaign about young girls being forced into marriages and want to raise awareness so girls are encouraged to seek an education. In this picture, the London Eye, one of the UK's most famous sights, was also turned pink.
Shopping centre in Colombia
This is a shopping centre in Colombia, South America, where lots of families have gathered with pink balloons to celebrate the day.
Empire State building turned pink
In the USA, New York's tallest building, the Empire State, transformed the night skyline with its top floors lit in pink.
Egyptian pyramid lit up pink
Some of Africa's most famous historical landmarks, the Egyptian pyramids, have also been transformed.
Schoolchildren in Ghana, West Africa
Schoolchildren in Ghana, West Africa, pose for a picture in their pink uniforms. They are also sponsored by poverty charity Plan.
Ericsson Globe Arena in Sweden lit up pink
This pink golf ball like building is the Ericsson Globe Arena in Sweden.