Pictures: What can you find in a pond?

18 September 2012 Last updated at 11:52 BST

The wildlife charity Pond Conservation wants England and Wales to have a million ponds to get more wildlife and plant life growing.
Pond with water-lilies and reflection of clouds from sky
The wildlife charity Pond Conservation wants to create massive numbers of new ponds across England and Wales to make a total of one million. Pond expert Dr Jeremy Biggs says: "There are already half-a-million ponds in the UK - that means we only have to create another half-a-million."
Pond with ice and snow surrounding it
Ponds are attractive in winter as well as summer! But campaigners say most of the UK's ponds are polluted from unclean water that runs into them and by chemicals from farms, and they want that to change.
Duck swimming on pond
Ponds are better than any other habitat for biodiversity - that's when a wide range of wildlife and plants can survive and grow. Pond Conservation say it is so hard to clean a polluted pond that it's better to start afresh with new ponds made from rainwater.
frogs in a pond
People who own land with ponds are allowed to apply to get money to improve them. The ponds have to have clean water. They must not be used by domestic animals like dogs, for feeding ducks or breeding fish. The plan is to get creatures like these common frogs breeding in ponds again.
Great Crested Newt
This Great Crested Newt is a protected species in the UK. Ponds are the perfect places for newts like these, and the larvae they eat, to breed.
Close up of a dragonfly
This is a dragonfly that you can see around freshwater ponds in the UK. It's called a male broad-bodied chaser. If the pond experts' plan works, we'll see many more of these.
Close-up of a three water snails.
And underneath the water - when it's fresh and not polluted - you can find tiny creatures like these water snails. Baby frogs can grow there, and it can also be a home for snakes and fish.
Pond Skater on water
Dr Biggs said ponds "really are the most wonderful habitat for wildlife." He's hoping that making half a million more ponds will give us more chances to see bugs like this Pond Skater, as well as millions of plants and other wildlife.