How to stay safe around dogs

  • 20 August 2012
See Aimee's top tips

Following the story that the owners of dogs who attack and injure people could face up to a year and a half in prison, we caught up with Aimee from the charity Dogs Trust.

She gave us her tops tips on how to stay safe around dogs and what to do if you feel scared or, even worse, are attacked. Here's her top five tips:

1. Always stay away from dogs you don't know.

2. Never disturb a dog that is eating or sleeping.

Image caption If a dog jumps at you - do 'the X Factor' !

3. If a dog is jumping up at you, calmly put your arms across your chest like you've got 'the X Factor'.

4. If a dog is barking it can often mean it's frightened. Walk away calmly.

5. Never run away from a dog because they'll think you're playing a game. Walk away calmly.

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