New Premier League £3 BILLION TV deal with BT and Sky

  • 14 June 2012
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Joe explains the Premier League's new £3billion deal

The Premier League has signed a new TV deal worth a whopping THREE BILLION POUNDS.

Two companies, BT and BSkyB, have paid the staggering amount of money so they can show live matches for three years from 2013.

BT is going to launch a new channel and will screen 38 games per season, while BSkyB will get 116 matches.

Amazingly, the new agreement is over a billion pounds more than the current one.

Even Premier League boss Richard Scudamore admitted to being surprised by the final total.

But he said: "We have just come off the back of a fantastic season."

"The competition has continued to wow audiences. It is a compelling product. People want to watch it and therefore broadcasters want to broadcast it."

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The boss of the Premier League explains where the money will go

It's good news for the football clubs as they're set to receive more money from the Premier League.

But some footie fans are worried they'll have to pay more for their TV subscriptions to watch the games.

When the 2013 season starts, BBC One will still show Match of the Day on Saturday nights as part of a separate three-year deal.