Meet the fearless dog that likes to snooze on roofs

  • 24 April 2012
A large, black labrador-rottweiler crossbreed sits on top of a thatched roof lazily.

Some pets are left home alone during the day but 5-year-old Axel goes to work - up on the roof!

His owner, Richard, works as a thatcher, fixing straw roofs and Axel goes along for the view.

Image caption Axel weighs the same as one of your friends and has to be carried down from the roof

The fearless pooch is so happy up high, he spends his time snoozing on the straw.

Axel weighs seven stone - that's as much as one of your friends - and his owner has to carry him up a ladder to the roof.

But Richard says having Axel on the roof is the safest thing to do because it stops him running onto the road.