Pictures: Cruise ship rescue effort

17 January 2012 Last updated at 14:21 GMT

Pictures of the stricken cruise ship Costa Concordia after it hit rocks off the coast of the Italian island of Giglio.
Costa Concordia lying on its side
The Costa Concordia cruise ship ran into trouble on Friday 13 January when it was sailing by Giglio island off the coast of Tuscany in Italy. It sailed too close to the shore and crashed into rocks on the sea bed which ripped a huge hole in the hull of the ship.
Costa Concordia tilting to one side
4,200 passengers and crew were on board at the time. The hole in the ship's hull meant water rushed into the lower decks causing the ship to lean to one side. Staff on board tried to reassure passengers but it was obvious that something was very wrong.
Hole in the hull of Costa Concordia
As more and more water leaked in, the ship began to tilt even further onto its side. Meanwhile, passengers were rushing to get into lifeboats but not everyone managed to get off the ship. Here you can see the huge hole in the side of the ship's hull.
Orange booms placed around the ship
A state of emergency has been declared in Italy because of fears the fuel on board could begin to leak. Here you can see orange booms placed around the ship, designed to act as a barrier if the fuel leaks. The ship was only a few hours into its journey, meaning the fuel tank is nearly full.
Rescue worker being lowered into ship
Rescue workers have carried out small explosions above and below the water to make holes in the ship so they can get inside more easily. Here you can see rescuers lowering themselves by rope down some stairs.
Rescue worker inside the ship
This rescue worker is inside the ship searching for missing people. It's a difficult job because of the amount of furniture and equipment that's been thrown around the ship when it tilted on its side.
Rescue ships shining light on to the ship
Rescue teams are doing all they can to find the people who are still missing. It's a race against time because they can only search in the daytime when they have enough light.
Captain Francesco Schettino
Captain Francesco Schettino has been accused of abandonding the ship before all the passengers had been evacuated and sailing too close to shore. He appeared in court in Tuscany on Tuesday but insists he was the last person to leave and the rocks were not on his sailing chart.
Ship lying on floor of seabed
Divers are searching underwater for the people who are still missing. Here you can see the side of the ship crushed against the sea bed.
Broken up ship on seabed
They're hoping to start pumping fuel from the ship on Thursday or Friday to prevent an environmental disaster. Local people living on Giglio island are very worried about the impact a spill could have on their island.
Rescue boat by the top deck of ship
The area where the ship crashed is famous for its clear waters and marine life but now it will be known for one of the worst disasters in recent years.