Worries over Afghan women's rights after troops leave

  • 1 December 2011
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Nel reports on the worries over women's rights in Afghanistan

There are worries that women in Afghanistan could lose their newly found rights when international troops pull out of the country.

The Taliban ruled Afghanistan until they were overthrown by British and American forces in 2001.

Under the Taliban's strict regime, women and girls couldn't do many things, such as go to school or work.

Now rights campaigners say the terrible conditions women faced will return if the Taliban regain power.

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Nel used to live in Afghanistan - she speaks about women's rights there

Women's lives have slowly improved since international troops invaded 10 years ago.

But coalition forces are now preparing to leave and talks are going on about who will run Afghanistan.

World leaders are meeting later this month to discuss the country's future - Afghan women are hoping their needs won't be ignored.