Pictures: Behind the scenes at Newsround HQ

16 December 2011 Last updated at 14:35 GMT

Take a peak behind the scenes at Newsround's new Salford home in this brand new photo gallery.
Joe and John by computer monitor
In the morning, Joe and John are talking about the day's stories.
The Newsround office from another building
Our new office in Salford has big windows. We used to work in a basement, so everyone's really happy about this.
Hayley and cameraman outside office
Hayley reporting from outside the BBC's new offices. This is called a "piece to camera".
Ricky being filmed by bridge
And here's Ricky doing something similar. Our HQ is by the side of the Manchester Ship Canal, which connects Manchester to Liverpool and the sea.
Ricky in edit suite
When everything is recorded, it has to be cut up and assembled - or edited - to make the reports you see on the bulletins. Here, Ricky is hard at work in an edit suite.
Ricky and Leah look at pieces of paper
Before the programme, Ricky and Leah take time to discuss scripts.
Leah and Hayley in makeup
Leah and Hayley getting made up before going into the studio. Lights in TV studios are very bright and without make up, the presenters would look pale and shiny!
Ricky in makeup
And it's not just girls who have to wear make up.
On air light outside studio
When this light is on, everyone knows that Newsround is broadcasting and they shouldn't make lots of noise or rush into the studio.
Leah and Ore laughing in the studio
Leah and Ore share a joke during rehearsal.
Newsround gallery
When Newsround is on air, the programme is run from the gallery. The presenters wear earpieces so the producer and director can talk to them. After the programme, we all talk about how it's gone and prepare for the next day.