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Newsround's website relaunched in the summer of 2011, with a fresh new look - and our RSS feeds have changed.

This means that if you subscribed to the old Newsround feeds, you'll need to change to the new ones to stay across all our stories, picture galleries and more.

There are five main feeds on the new site:

Newsround homepage - latest Newsround stories

Newsround News index - latest News stories

Newsround Sport index - latest Sport stories

Newsround Entertainment index - latest Entertainment stories

Newsround Animals index - latest Animals stories

We hope this helps you keep in touch with our new website.

If you're having any problems, do drop us a line using the form below, selecting "Report a mistake" - and we'll get back to you to help out.

We ask for your e-mail address so we can respond to your questions and comments. We won't keep it on file after we've contacted you or use it to contact you about anything else, and we won't ever share it with anyone else. Don't forget to ask a parent, guardian or carer before sending this form.
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