16 January 2015 Last updated at 15:59
  • PlanetWhat makes a planet? Watch

    Scientists think Pluto should be recognised as a planet again. Martin finds out what exactly is needed for something in outer space to be a planet.

  • Chris HadfieldHow do you become an astronaut? Watch

    Chris Hadfield tells you how to become an astronaut and answers your other questions about what life is like in space.

  • Chris HadfieldHadfield answers your questions Watch

    Superstar astronaut Chris Hadfield answers questions from you, including whether he'd rather live in space or on Earth!

  • Chris HadfieldChris Hadfield's space adventure

    Astronaut Chris Hadfield kept us properly entertained with his videos about life on board the International Space Station. He tells us about his adventure.

  • Newsround logoWatch Newsround

    Watch the latest update from Newsround, CBBC's news programme for children.

  • Chris HadfieldHow space travel affects your body

    Chris Hadfield arrives safely back to Earth after his stint on board the International Space Station - but how has five months in space affected him?

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