Golden Globes: Actress Evan Rachel Wood urges stars to 'circle predators'

Evan Rachel Wood

US actress Evan Rachel Wood has suggested stars at the Golden Globes should "make a circle" around sexual predators to identify them to others.

Sexual harassment in Hollywood is expected to be a focus at the event.

The Westworld star is one of several celebrities backing calls for guests to wear black at the ceremony on Sunday to show solidarity with victims.

Evan said victims could choose not to be in the circle, adding: "Brothers and sisters can circle in solidarity."

Evan said she expected there would be "some circles this weekend" and that some predators "won't bother showing up in the first place out of fear".

One follower asked her "what has happened to Hollywood?" or whether sexual misconduct had always been an issue in Hollywood.

Evan replied: "Always like this."

She said the last time she was at the event she walked out in tears because someone who had abused a close friend won an award.

In November 2016, the actress revealed she had been raped twice.

In an open letter on Twitter, the 30-year-old said she'd been attacked by a "significant other" and a bar owner.

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