Here are the Fox/Disney movie mashups you didn't know you needed

The Avengers

Disney has announced its massive takeover of entertainment company 21st Century Fox, merging two of the largest studios in the world.

It means they'll now own the rights to the likes of Deadpool, The Simpsons and Family Guy.

And that gives endless opportunities for character crossovers and movie mashups.

Here are some of our favourite possibilities for future franchises.

The super superhero movie

Image caption Deadpool - soon to be an Avenger?

This is the one that's provoked the most reaction online - partly because stars from the beloved franchises have been tweeting about it.

While X-Men and Avengers are both Marvel comics, the film franchises were owned by Fox and Disney respectively.

There's plenty of crossover of the characters in the comics - and Marvel have already snapped up Tom Holland's Spider-Man from Sony.

We're not sure how that would work for Chris Evans, though.

He plays Captain America in the Avengers, and played the Human Torch in Fox's Fantastic Four.

Wonder how that movie would look?

But spare a thought for either Aaron Taylor-Johnson or Evan Peters, who both play the same character in different franchises.

Aaron Taylor-Johnson is super-speedy mutant Quicksilver in the Avengers, while Evan Peters plays him in X-Men.

If it does merge the movies, Disney will have to bin one of them.

Aaron Taylor-Johnson and Evan Peters
Image caption Quicksilver (left) and Quicksilver (right)

Robots & aliens

Avatar and Wall-E
Image caption [Insert cute-sounding robot noises here]

Fox's Avatar is still the highest-grossing film ever, on about $2.8bn (£2.1bn) since its 2009 release.

We're sure that's not the reason director James Cameron is planning four sequels to come out in the 2020s.

But what Disney character could seamlessly be added to a story set in the future on the moon of another planet?

The universe's cutest robot, of course.

Pixar's litter-picking Wall-E would at least keep the surface of Pandora clean.

Mr Cameron: It's not too late to tweak those scripts.

The animated classics

The Simpsons and Mickey Mouse
Image caption Innocent yellow man violently beaten up by giant mouse

They're both cartoons - so this should be easy for the animators to create, right?

Actually, Mickey has featured in Fox-owned The Simpsons before.

There's a photo in one episode of Mickey punching Homer in the stomach, while Goofy is holding his arms.

The Simpsons also go to Itchy and Scratchy Land in another episode, which is clearly based on Disneyland.

And the "original" Itchy and Scratchy cartoon is a clear parody of the first Mickey Mouse cartoon, where Mickey is whistling while driving a boat.

By the way - like most things this century - The Simpsons predicted this takeover almost 20 years ago.

It's a trap!

Family Guy
Image caption Shut up, Meg

Luckily, this one's already been done by Family Guy creator Seth McFarlane.

Family Guy, owned by Fox, release three specials parodying the original Star Wars movies.

They star Peter Griffin as Han Solo, Lois as Princess Leia, Chris as Luke, Brian as Chewy - and Meg as various sewage-dwelling aliens and space slugs.

But that was before Disney owned Star Wars - so maybe it's time for another crossover with the newest editions to the franchise?

The real Lion King?

A still from The Lion King

It's not just movies and cartoons that Disney will be getting.

Fox also owns the National Geographic channel, which is known for its wildlife documentaries.

Which means - possibly - a documentary based on the Lion King. With real lions? Maybe?

Unlikely. But we can dream.

A lion cub
Image caption Imagine if this guy lost his dad, had an evil uncle, met a warthog and a meerkat, and sang Elton John songs

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