US rapper meets 81-year-old Words with Friends rival at her retirement home

Spencer and Roz

A rapper from the US state of Maryland has smashed friendship goals after meeting an 81-year-old woman he'd been playing Words with Friends against online for over a year.

Spencer and Roz struck up the unlikely friendship after competing in more than 300 games together.

Over the weekend they finally met in person after he flew to her retirement community in Florida.

His tweet has a million likes and has been retweeted thousands of times.

Twenty-two-year-old rapper Spencer (who goes by the name of High Class Filth) flew to West Palm Beach, Florida, on 1 December to meet up with his Friends with Words rival Roz.

The two had been battling it out on the Scrabble-like game since last summer and the stats are impressive.

The meet-up was arranged by a pastor from The Riverside Church in Manhattan, Amy Butler, who explained why on Twitter.

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