School apologises and covers up 'suggestive' statue of St Martin de Porres and a baguette


Blackfriars Priory School in Australia has been forced to cover up a statue after the finished piece appeared different to its 2D designs.

The statue in question is a depiction of St Martin de Porres handing bread to a young child.

But the baguette he is offering the youngster is held at waist height - making the act look much less saintly.

The school's principal has apologised on Facebook for erecting the statue.

Image caption Photos of the statue were originally posted on an Instagram account about life in Adelaide, Australia

"The two-dimensional concept plans for the statue were viewed and approved by the Executive Team in May," wrote Principal Simon Cobiac.

"Upon arrival the three-dimensional statue was deemed by the executive to be potentially suggestive.

"As a consequence, the statue was immediately covered and a local sculptor has been commissioned to redesign it.

"The school apologises for any concerns and publicity generated by this matter and is taking action to substantially alter the statue."

The statue was initially covered with a sheet, but when that wasn't enough to save the blushes of staff and pupils, St Martin and his breadstick were fenced off.

St Martin de Porres lived between 1579 and 1639 and was known for his work with young people in Peru, building an orphanage and children's hospital.

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