YouTuber Jake Paul apologises over bullying accusation from the Martinez Twins

Picture of Jake Paul

Jake Paul has apologised following accusations that he bullied two fellow YouTubers.

The Martinez Twins say they were picked on by him for months.

After initially expressing confusion about the claims, Jake Paul released a video saying: "I'm so sorry to the Martinez twins. Nobody should ever feel bullied."

The pair spoke about joining Jake's Team 10 creative agency, which features some of the most popular vloggers.

However, the twins say the joy of being invited to LA from Spain, where they stayed in a house together for eight months, turned sour.

"We thought they could be our family, but not any more," said Emilio Martinez. "We thought Jake would be our best friend.

"Imagine you're a little kid from Spain or another part of this world. You go to LA, you don't even talk English.

"You go somewhere, where no-one talks Spanish or your language. And you see people in the house laughing and you don't know what they're talking about."

They went on to claim that they were mocked by Jake and some members of Team 10 - we can't show you the video because it contains swearing.

Ivan said that he went to sleep afraid of what prank Jake Paul might play on them.

"Jake started to prank us every single day. We felt so bad," said Emilio said in a second video. "We were the only ones getting pranked."

Jake, who has more than 11 million subscribers on YouTube, responded saying that wasn't unusual in the house.

"We are in the business of pranking each other and creating video content around those pranks.

"It's obvious that with the language barrier between us, the twins weren't always fully aware of what was going on and I should have done a better job of making sure they were fully informed of these pranks."

Paul said that the twins didn't come to them with any concerns and that he believes they could have solved the problem if they had.

"I understand they were apprehensive and shy," he said. "I get why they didn't say anything but I wish they did, because I honestly think it would have fixed the whole situation.

"I never meant to hurt the Martinez Twins and genuinely love them as brothers."

The former Disney star's apology got some criticism from some on social media.

He initially inferred that the twins stabbed him in the back.

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