College students in Northern Ireland give us their take on current politics

Gavin and Claudia
Image caption Gavin supports Sinn Fein, who are opposed to British politicians getting involved in Northern Ireland politics while Claudia backs the Alliance party

It's a huge week for Northern Ireland as the British government looks to impose a budget on politicians there.

They haven't had their own government for nearly a year.

Their Power Sharing Agreement collapsed in a row over a clean air law and disagreements continue over an Irish language act.

Newsbeat got two politically opposite friends from Hazlewood Integrated College in Belfast to see if they could agree where politicians had failed.

Gavin Mckee supports Sinn Fein and thinks people should be taught about the Gaelic language and Irish culture in school.

Claudia Marshall is from a protestant background but now doesn't identify as having any faith. She says she would vote for the Alliance Party when she gets the vote.

Why is the Irish Language Act so important to you?

GAVIN: It's because it is part of the Irish culture and if we live here we should be able to speak our own national language.

CLAUDIA: It is hiding the underlying issues of our country. It's just not as important as equal marriage, budget cuts and hospital cuts.

How would you describe politicians here in Northern Ireland?

GAVIN: Without being rude? They are frustrating; they don't seem to know what they are doing. They can't come together as one. We are friends and we have different opinions but we can still agree on things and I think they should be able to do the same.

CLAUDIA: Exactly. Politicians to me seem so lazy. They are getting paid to do something they are not actually doing. It's so frustrating because students would do better than the politicians.

What do you agree on politically?

GAVIN: I think we agree that others should agree more. The younger generation don't have this conflict of catholic versus protestant and don't have this hatred towards each other. It's the older generations that keep bringing that card up.

CLAUDIA: The politicians are just so backwards. Not to be rude but they are quite old and if we had younger politicians I think Northern Ireland would be more forward thinking.

You are going to have a budget imposed on you in the next couple of days. How does that make you feel?

CLAUDIA: Extremely angry. I am embarrassed for our politicians. It's such a backwards step for our country.

GAVIN: This is just another way for Britain to suppress Ireland.

What would make Northern Irish politics better?

GAVIN: A younger generation coming through because we are fair.

CLAUDIA: New politicians. Most of them now are just backward. We need people who are going to improve the country not just keep us in the past.

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