Gemma Collins 'feels like Bridget Jones' after falling at the Radio 1 Teen Awards

Gemma Collins

Gemma Collins has joked that she felt like Bridget Jones after slipping and falling through a trapdoor on stage at the Radio 1 Teen Awards.

The Towie star was announcing Love Island as the winner of the best TV show prize when a hole opened up beside her to bring the winners up.

Collins didn't notice, slipped and fell into the hole.

The stars of Love Island helped her up and she told the crowd at the SSE Arena, Wembley, that she was fine.

Gemma Collins said that the fall made her feel a bit like the fictional accident-prone Bridget Jones.

She said: "Madonna done it and I done it. When I tell you I'm Bridget Jones in an Essex girl it's finally confirmed. Best and worse moment for me."

"Guys it's OK I'm alive I've always said I'm like Bridget Jones."

Fans posted supportive messages and comments on social media, including Professor Green.

He shared a picture of Collins on Instagram and wrote: "You fell on stage, I fell off one. You are my spirit animal, now, forever and always."

Rita Ora also shared a message of support on the Newsbeat Twitter feed.

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