Why going sockless could be a health risk

A man wearing shoes but no socks

If you wear shoes without socks, you could be at risk of more than just smelly feet.

The College of Podiatry says there's been a rise in fungal infections in young men because of the sockless trend.

Podiatrist Emma Stephenson says she's seeing more 18-25 year-old men with problems associated with wearing shoes without socks and ill-fitting shoes.

The bare ankle look is popular with celebrities on the red carpet.

Singer Sam Smith is often seen showing off his "mankles".

Singers and Songwriters Sam Smith and Jimmy Napes

It's a common look on the catwalk and in fashion magazines with models wearing brogues and trainers without socks.

The average feet sweat about half a pint a day
Emma Stephenson

Tinie Tempah has won style awards and can usually be found on the front row at London Fashion Week.

The musician is often spotted going sockless - but does he know about the possible health implications?

Tinie Tempah
Image caption Tinie rocking the sockless look

"The average feet sweat about half a pint a day," Emma Stephenson tells Newsbeat.

"Too much moisture and warmth can lead to fungal infections such as athlete's foot."

And according to Emma, the consequences can be pretty unpleasant.

"One of the worst incidents I've seen is a 19 year-old man who worked in a car wash. He had very sweaty feet and trench foot."

Of course, it takes a brave person to tell someone like UFC champion Conor McGregor that he might have some fungal-based feet issues when he's off duty.

UFC champion Conor McGregor

But if you still want to go with the naked foot and shoe look, here are three handy tips from Emma.

Everything in moderation. Try and minimise how long you wear shoes without socks.

Spray some antiperspirant on the sole of your foot before you put your shoes on.

Look out for any areas that start to become painful -and seek advice.

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