Charlie Sloth gets new late night entertainment show on Radio 1 and 1Xtra

Charlie Sloth

DJ Charlie Sloth is getting a new late night entertainment show broadcast on Radio 1 and 1Xtra at the same time.

The two-hour slot from 9-11pm on Monday to Thursdays will start on 6 November.

It'll have radio, video and social media content and will feature "Charlie's wit and sense of fun alongside laughs, surprises and all that people are talking about".

MistaJam moves into Charlie's afternoon slot on 1Xtra and takes over Dance Anthems on Radio 1 from Danny Howard.

Charlie Sloth
Image caption The new show will be called "The 8th with Charlie Sloth"

Talking about the move, Charlie Sloth says: "I'm honoured to be given such a huge opportunity to do something daring, exciting and to really push the boundaries in a landscape where the way people consume content is forever changing.

"What will the show be you ask? One word... Sick. I'm gassed."

Controller of Radio 1, 1Xtra and the Asian Network, Ben Cooper, says there's nothing like it on the radio, TV or online.

"This is taking inspiration from Yo! MTV Raps, The Word and James Corden, and making something that represents young culture in the UK today. It will make you go to bed with a smile."

Image caption MistaJam moves to the afternoons from his present 7-10pm slot on BBC Radio 1Xtra - DJ Target takes over from him

In other changes, Cel Spellman and Katie Thistleton will front a new social action show called Life Hacks, which will go out on Radio 1 every Sunday between 4-7pm.

Katie Thistleton and Jordan North
Image caption Katie Thistleton and Jordan North took part in Radio 1's Academy School Tour earlier this year

Danny Howard will host a new Friday evening show (11pm-1am), playing fresh, hard-core, underground dance music.

Kan D Man and DJ Limelight will join the station to host a weekly Asian Beats show on Sundays between 1-3am.

Tasha Tah in the studio with Kan D Man & DJ Limelight
Image caption Kan D Man & DJ Limelight with Tasha Tah in the Asian Network studios

Radio 1's also launching three new comedy and entertainment podcasts. They'll be broadcast on the station from 3-4am on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday mornings.

On BBC Radio 1Xtra there's a new show for Target and one called 1Xtra Talks.

1Xtra will be announcing new shows for Friday evenings shortly.

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