Jude Law and the other celebrities who disguise themselves in public

Connor Walter (left) with a hooded Jude Law
Image caption Connor Walter asked a hooded Jude Law for a photo

Jude Law has been caught trying to sneak into a cinema unnoticed.

The Hollywood actor wore a hoodie when he turned up to the Odeon in Bath to watch Detroit on Wednesday.

He was hoping to remain under the radar but one cinema attendant recognised him and managed to get a selfie.

The actor is not the only celebrity who has been spotted in disguise trying to do something ordinary. So here are a few of our favourites.

Khloe Kardashian, Kylie and Kendall Jenner spent hours having prosthetic make up done so they could avoid paparazzi attention on a Hollywood tour bus.

Andy Murray served up something a bit different at the ATP World Tour in 2015.

How does one of the biggest pop stars on the planet enjoy London Fashion Week without being bombarded with attention? Wear a bouquet of flowers of course.

That's exactly what Lady Gaga did in 2012.

Lady Gaga at London Fashion Week 2012

Justin Bieber took it a step further when he casually went shopping in London wearing a gas mask.

Sometimes you just want to walk the red carpet without the hassle of paparazzi. Actor Shia LaBeouf sent a clear message to the world's media in 2014.

Shia LeBeouf wearing a paper bag on his head

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