Taylor Swift takes on her critics in video for Look What You Made Me Do

Taylor Swift on a throne

Taylor Swift takes aim at her critics and pokes fun at herself in the video for Look What You Made Me Do.

The new track had its official premiere at the MTV VMAs in Los Angeles and features her darker side leaving her former self behind her.

The single is thought to be aimed at stars like Kanye West and Katy Perry.

The video begins with Taylor Swift dressed as a zombie climbing out of a grave with a headstone reading "Here lies Taylor Swift's reputation".

Taylor Swift's mock headstone
Image caption A tombstone next to hers has the name Nils Sjöberg on it - the pseudonym she used for a song she wrote for ex-boyfriend Calvin Harris
Taylor Swift as a zombie
Image caption The dress she's wearing while coming out of the grave is from Out Of The Woods - her final 1989 video

The 27-year-old is then seen dressed as a biker, a celebrity crashing their sports car, a bank robber wearing a kitty mask and a dominatrix.

But some fans have criticised her for being shown relaxing in a bath of diamonds, claiming it's a reference to Kim Kardashian's robbery in Paris.

Other people are saying it's a reference to a joke she made when she performed Blank Space acoustically at the Grammy Museum last January.

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Taylor Swift in a bath of jewels
Image caption There's also a dollar note tucked into the back of the bath full of diamonds - referencing the damages she was awarded in her court case against ex-radio DJ David Mueller
Taylor Swift on a throne
Image caption Taylor Swift's mock throne is slithering with snakes - which have been a feature of her social media campaign for Reputation. The side of it's also engraved with "Et tu Brute"
Taylor Swift in a car wreck
Image caption Fans think this scene could be about Katy Perry - could it be the car in Waking Up In Vegas?
Taylor Swift in a cage
Image caption Some fans think this scene is a reference to a Miley Cyrus track - she also has a snake tattoo on her leg
Taylor Swift dressed as a bank robber with a kitty mask on
Image caption Some critics think this scene is about her dislike of streaming and being "robbed" of royalties - and are those Katy kitty masks?
Taylor Swift as a biker
Taylor Swift with some models
Image caption Is this the Squad? Or is it a criticism of people saying her relationships are fake?

She appears to poke fun at her relationship with ex-boyfriend Tom Hiddleston with her backing dancers wearing tops with "I (heart) TS" on them.

The British actor was photographed wearing a similar vest last year when the couple were going out.

Taylor Swift backing singers with "I love TS" on them
Image caption That's also YouTube star Todrick Hall on the left - one of Taylor's mates

The director of Taylor Swift's new music video, Joseph Kahn, has denied that he's copied Beyonce's Formation video.

It's after fans compared their videos.

The clip ends in different versions of Taylor Swift, from previous music videos and performances, falling off a slope and into what looks like an abyss.

Taylor Swift's former incarnations
Image caption 13 is Taylor Swift's favourite number

They're then lined up in front of a plane with the name of her new album, Reputation, spray painted across it.

One version of Taylor Swift says to a crying version of herself: "There she goes, playing the victim - again."

Taylor Swift from her country music days
Taylor Swift with her previous incarnations
Taylor Swift scrawls Reputation on the side of a jet

The pop star also mocks the moment Kanye West crashed the stage as she gave an acceptance speech during the MTV VMAs in 2009.

Wearing the same outfit, Taylor Swift repeats words used in a statement given last year in response to a feud with the rapper: "I would very much like to be excluded from this narrative."

Taylor Swift with her MTV VMA

Hours after the music video aired, it's had more than 13 million streams online.

Taylor Swift's new album Reputation, will be released in November.

The release of the track and video came after Taylor Swift wiped her social media channels last week before sharing cryptic videos of snakes on her pages.

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