Channel 5 boss Ben Frow hints at the end for Big Brother


The controller of Channel 5 has told an audience at the Edinburgh International TV Festival that he'd be "much happier with a channel that did not have Big Brother on it".

The programme was axed by Channel 4 in 2009 and bought by Channel 5 in 2011.

Ben Frow wasn't working for the channel when the deal happened.

"I want to create our own programmes. I don't really want other people's programmes. I want my own that we have created," said Ben Frow.

"Most channels want to create their own content because it's the content that gives you an identity."

Channel 5 says there's still another year on its contract, so we're not expecting to see any changes immediately.

Ben Frow

Arguably, one of the programme's most controversial series comes to an end on Friday evening with six celebrities fighting for the crown in the Celebrity Big Brother final.

EastEnders' Shaun Williamson just missed out, with a shock eviction on Thursday night.

That leaves Amelia Lily, Chad Johnson, Derek Acorah, Jemma Lucy, Sam Thompson and bookies' favourite, Sarah Harding.

Sarah Harding

The series has seen Trisha Paytas quit the "worst experience of her life" and viewers have expressed mental health concerns after Sarah Harding bit Amelia Lily's leg.

And as viewing figures fall, reviews from fans have been mixed.

This *might* be a spoiler for the final

Perhaps the "backdoor" twist was brought out to re-engage disinterested fans at the last minute.

It'll see the housemate with the fewest votes leave before the final starts. In fact they would have already left.

The show has done its best to keep tight lipped about who it might be but Wikipedia reportedly updated a little too early, revealing that it is Jemma Lucy in sixth place.

But there's no confirmation - so we'll just have to wait and see.

These fans want to convince you why their fave should be your fave

#TeamAmelia - 'She never got nominated'

Benjamin loves the fact that she's never been up for eviction or had any warning from Big Brother.

"If she won she would finally realise we all love her as much as she should love herself."

#TeamChad - 'Best American housemate that's been on CBB'

"Chad is an honest guy who tells it like it is and who wears his heart on his sleeve," says Adele.

"He's been loyal to Sarah throughout and provided her with comfort and support in the house when she needed it the most."

#TeamDerek - 'He's such a gentleman. My winner 100%'

#TeamJemma - 'She deserves it so much'

"A worthy CBB winner should bring the viewers entertainment, should be real, fun, give us some drama, give us happiness, sadness and be grateful for the experience," explains Alex.

"THIS IS JEMMA! This is why she must win."

#TeamSam - 'Sam is a winner, 'cause he is funny'

#TeamSarah - 'Fabulous viewing'

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