Taylor Swift's new album is called Reputation and the first single drops on Thursday

Taylor Swift

Exactly three years after Taylor Swift released her fifth studio album 1989 - she's back.

She's just posted a tweet which reveals her new record is called Reputation and will be released on 10 November.

All the photos have also returned to her social media profiles after mysteriously disappearing last Friday.

It's her sixth studio album and led to the hashtag #TS6 to trend on Twitter at points since her "blackout" at the end of last week and this week.

The first single from the album is out on Thursday night.

Tweeting for the first time since her social media blackout at the end of last week, she shared a mysterious video of a reptile tale.

The singer continued her social media tease as she revealed the face of a snake in a third cryptic clip on Wednesday.

She followed up her video of an unidentified creature's tail to reveal, as fans had expected, the mystery reptile was a snake.

The latest clip, posted on Instagram and Twitter, shows the creature's head writhing around before snapping at the screen.

Swift fans reacted with joy, causing a rush of glee across social media.

There were a few though, who thought the endless teasing about album news, was too much.

Her last album, 1989, sold more than one million copies in the UK and six million in the US.

Taylor's been a little busy recently winning a court case against an American radio DJ who groped her during an interview in 2013.

She said that by winning she hoped to "help those whose voices should also be heard".

There are also rumours that Taylor could join Katy Perry on stage at the VMAs this year in a reconciliation performance.

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