How Hope Hicks went from modelling to being Donald Trump's new media director at 28

Hope Hicks

Donald Trump's new communications director is a 28-year-old former model who likes to keep under the radar.

Hope Hicks replaces Anthony Scaramucci, who was fired after 10 days.

She doesn't have a background in politics, but has been connected to the Trump family for the last five years.

And she's quietly worked her way up to being one of the president's closest allies - and one of his highest paid, on $180,000 (£140,000) a year.

So how did someone with such a low profile get one of the most important jobs in the US government?

She came to Donald through Ivanka Trump

Hope Hicks started her career in public relations, where Ivanka Trump's fashion company was one of her clients.

Having modelled for the likes of Ralph Lauren - as well as appearing on the cover of a Gossip Girl spin-off book - she modelled some of Ivanka's clothes as part of her job.

Working with the eldest daughter of Donald Trump meant Hope Hicks eventually caught the eye of the US president.

He personally hand-picked her in October 2014 to work in PR for his real estate company.

Donald Trump told GQ last year that he thought "Hope was outstanding".

She ended up in politics by accident

In early 2015, Hope Hicks was thrust into the political sphere when she went with Donald Trump on a trip, which turned out to be the first part of his presidential campaign.

She even helped run his Twitter account, noting down what he wanted to say and ordering others in the Trump organisation to tweet them.

When the campaign got more serious, she had to decide between becoming a full-time political press secretary or going back to work for the Trump real estate company.

She chose the latter. But again, Donald Trump personally asked her to stay on his political team. She accepted.

She's kept a low profile throughout

Hope Hicks with Reince Priebus, Steve Bannon and Stephen Miller
Image caption Hope Hicks - reportedly called "Hopie" or "Hopester" by Donald Trump - with Reince Priebus, Steve Bannon and Stephen Miller

Hope Hicks rarely gives interviews herself, although she is often there when Donald Trump is interviewed by journalists.

And when she started working on the presidential campaign, she deleted her Twitter account. Her Instagram profile is private.

Unlike many others who've fallen or been pushed out of the Trump circle in the last few months, Hope Hicks seems to have become a stalwart by quietly serving nobody else but the president.

This quote which her former Lacrosse coach gave to the Washington Post sums up her attitude well.

"[Hicks] preferred to have assists. She was the ultimate team player and competitor."

Putting the president first has served Hope Hicks well - she's currently his longest-standing political aide.

Trump with his aides and the Pope.
Image caption Hope Hicks (third from left) was one of the few people in Donald Trump's team to meet the Pope

When Donald Trump became president, he created a new role for Hope Hicks: White House director of strategic communications.

Her way of dealing with the president is not to try and change him, but to simply enable him in what he wants to do.

According to a Politico article, Hope Hicks is one of the few true insiders in the Trump family, even having Shabbat dinners (special meals in the Jewish faith) with Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner.

She was also one of the few people who got to meet the Pope with Donald Trump in May.

Given her rapid climb to the top, don't be surprised if Hope Hicks outlasts all her predecessors in the job.

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