Arcade Fire deny forcing dress code for album launch gig

arcade fire

Arcade Fire deny they were behind a strict dress code for a show in the US.

The band's new album, Everything Now, is out on 28 July with a gig in Brooklyn to mark the release before it's streamed online.

But some ticket holders questioned an email asking them to dress "hip and trendy" and not wear "large logos, flip flops, shorts, crop tops, baseball hats, solid white or red clothing."

It added: "We reserve the right to deny entry."

Fans reacted with style.

Arcade Fire now say fans can wear "whatever they want" after the regulations were shared on social media.

The band's frontman Win Butler tweeted that the original statement "100 percent did not come from the band".

In a follow-up post, which the band said was written by "Tannis Wright, social media strategist for Everything Now", it is explained that the original information sent to fans "was sent without the knowledge of the band".

The message also asked ticket holders to make the gig a "phone-free experience", with fans being asked to hand over their phones and cameras upon entry.

The update said: "Your phone will not be taken away, but it's easier to dance when you don't have your face planted in it."

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