She's still amazing: Adele fans on her gig cancellations


Adele has cancelled the final two concerts of her worldwide tour in London this weekend.

The performances, which were meant to be at Wembley Stadium, were due to be the final two of a 123-date worldwide tour.

The 29-year-old said on Twitter: "To say I'm heart broken would be a complete understatement."

Some fans who had booked travel and accommodation have gone to London anyway, despite the late cancellation.

'We all look like lemons right now'

Kerry Wood travelled down from Liverpool with three of her friends on Saturday morning and was due to go to Saturday evening's concert.

"We are absolutely gutted," she tells Newsbeat.

"We've all got T-shirts on saying, 'Hello'. so we all look like lemons right now."

But Kerry says that the T-shirts mean that other ticket-holders have been coming up to them in London to commiserate together.

"Some people have come in from Jersey, who've paid £1,300 for their tickets, and £300 each for their flights," she says.

"We met another person who paid £700 for the tickets at Christmas, and they were in tears.

"It's made us feel a bit better. Later on, we're going to go to Wembley anyway, because I really want to go.

"We've seen on Twitter that quite a few people are going down there anyway in support of Adele."

Image caption Kerry and her friends have decided to make the best of their weekend spending Saturday having a few drinks in town

'I'll probably never see her'

Joanna Bray, who's also from Liverpool, decided not to travel to London.

"We were all packed and ready to go this morning, driving down from Liverpool, and it's just a little bit heartbreaking.

"We planned a day out in London tomorrow as well," she says.

"I was going to go out with the girls tonight, but we've all texted each other saying, 'do you know what, I'm not in the mood for it now.'

"I think it's just deflated everyone."

But Joanna doesn't hold it against Adele, saying: "If you're a real fan of Adele you'll realise that she genuinely appreciates her fans.

"I know that if she could do the concert tonight, she would do it. "

Rhys Coombs, from Southampton and booked his tickets last year, says he's "absolutely gutted."

"Knowing that I'll probably never see her now is really sad," he adds.

Rhys also decided to stay home rather than travel to London.

'It's absolutely no problem'

Most fans understood that there was no way Adele could have performed after damaging her vocal cords.

"I obviously was upset, but it's absolutely no problem, she's got to look after herself," says Paige Bithell, from Blackburn.

"As an artist, she should look after her health - she's a mother after all," she adds.

But unlike Rhys, Paige doesn't think that this is the end of Adele's touring years.

"I can imagine that someone of her profile, there will be other things in the future, no matter how many years it takes.

"She's still amazing and we've got to respect her."

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