Everyone's taking part in the 'Nicki Minaj Challenge'

Nicki Minaj

The "Nicki Minaj Challenge" is the latest viral craze sweeping across social media.

It started after the rapper filmed herself boarding a private jet to Prague in the Czech Republic.

She struts across the runway and performs a reverse 360 degree turn before boarding the aeroplane.

Nicki Minaj's original post has been viewed more than eight million times and spawned many copies, some of which she's shared on her social media.

*Warning videos may contain adult language*

Fans making their own versions of the video were mostly unable to board a private jet and had to use situations in their own lives.

This fan decided to empty her bins Nicki Minaj style.

Kelz channelled is inner Nicki Minaj after collecting his food stamps.

Prague, began trending worldwide on Twitter and Nicki Minaj shared her favourite re-enactments.

Natyia want's the world to know she works hard.

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