Trump pulls US out of Paris climate deal, the internet reacts

Der Spiegel cover of Trump eating the Earth.

Donald Trump says he intends to take the US out of the Paris climate agreement and not everyone is pleased.

The accord was a commitment to limit rising global temperatures.

Mr Trump says sticking to the deal "punished" Americans and would cost millions of jobs.

He's been criticised by fellow heads of state and business leaders.

And this is how the internet responded...

Users were quick to point out who America was joining on the 'no' list

But that list might get even smaller soon

Donald Trump's denial of climate change's existence also came up...

... A view the Weather Channel clearly didn't agree with

Read the headlines on their homepage carefully.

One user gave us an updated weather forecast after the announcement

Of course 'covfefe', the word of the moment, came up

As did references to a recent controversial photo from comedian Kathy Griffin

German magazine Der Spiegel turned Trump's head into a giant asteroid hurtling towards the Earth

Even London Underground got in on the action

US comedian Chelsea Handler brought up the possibility of impeachment which has been following Trump around

Maybe all Trump wants is to use his hairspray in peace

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