Twitter adds 69 new emojis including a UFO, a steak and a zebra


New emojis

Twitter has added 69 emojis to its platform, including separate flags for England, Scotland and Wales.

It has become the first social media site to fully support the new release of emojis, which was finalised in March.

Google also announced support for the new emojis in their upcoming Android software update.

Other new icons include a woman wearing a hijab, a pair of chopsticks and a porcupine.

The new line-up was tweeted out by the designer.

In a blog post on Emojipedia, it says: "In total there are 239 new emojis included in this release.

"When removing duplicates and skin tones there are 69 unique new images in this collection."

New emojis that have been added include a breast-feeding woman, a male and female genie, and a vomiting face.

However, there does not seem to be any red-headed emojis.

Jeremy Burge from Emojipedia tweeted what red-haired and white-haired icons could looks like.

There are currently no plans however to add these new colours to existing gestures like sports or activities.

They are set to be released in 2018.

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