Police shut down 'rave' being held on London Underground train carriage

Tube Rave

London commuters were treated to a rave on their Tube home from work this week, complete with an MC and disco lights.

MC Harry Shotta played an illegal DJ set on the Bakerloo Line in a stunt on Monday arranged by a group of online pranksters.

Video footage shows passengers dancing to drum and bass while filming the party on their phones.

Other people in the carriage looked confused and a little uncomfortable while people danced on the train.

A video of the party was first shared online by YouTube user Svenskier.

Responsibility for the underground party was claimed by Lee Marshall, who calls himself DiscoBoy on Twitter.

DiscoBoy is part of a group which calls itself Trollstation and which is responsible for a number of popular online videos.

Tube rave
Image caption Not everyone was thrilled at having their tube journey disrupted by the prank

Paddington Police tweeted after they shut down the party.

Trollstation has previously turned a tube carriage into a strip club and staged an argument on the London Underground between two actors about breastfeeding to provoke a response from passengers.

In 2016 the group caused controversy when members of the group crashed the stage during a live episode of The X Factor while Honey G was performing.

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