Brooklyn Beckham criticised by some fans over new native American tattoo

Brooklyn Beckham and Mark Mahoney

Brooklyn Beckham's new tattoo has been criticised by some fans on Instagram.

The 18-year-old had his first tattoo, a native American chief portrait, inked onto his arm by famous artist Mark Mahoney.

Brooklyn seemingly took inspiration from his dad David as he captioned one of the photos with "just like dads".

Fans took to the comments to point out that Brooklyn is not of native American descent and therefore shouldn't have had that particular design.

One user wrote: "Why do you even have a native American person in cultural clothing tattooed on your arm when you're British?

"Native Americans are not an aesthetic.

"They're real people and you're using them as a design for your skin because it looks nice."

Another wrote: "May I ask why a Native American symbol?

"Might be offensive to some that a rich white boy from England is appropriating native American culture. Just my opinion."

However, many fans defended Brooklyn, claiming the tattoo was a well drawn design and it was inspired by David Beckham's own tattoo.

Brooklyn is yet to address the controversy.

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