Selfies get the 'art' treatment

Dawn Woolley, Cambridge

If you have a few hundred selfie shots on your phone they could be considered works of art.

A photographer from Cambridge says selfies should be used in art after winning the #SAATCHISELFIE competition.

Dawn Woolley beat over 14,000 entries with her selfie, named The Substitute, which shows a man holding a 2D picture of a person in a bikini.

The pictures from all over Europe can now be seen at the Saatchi Gallery's Selfie to Self-Expression exhibition.

Dawn Woolley and her winning entry
Image caption Dawn Woolley and her winning entry

'I'm amazed and overwhelmed, it's quite a shock'

Dawn says she is thrilled as "this is very much about how we represent ourselves through photographs, and I think that's what selfies are all about.

"They have a powerful potential and selfies should be used in art more. I look forward to that happening".

And it's worth taking note, because she's won an all expenses paid trip on an international photo shoot assignment.

Here are the top nine finalist selfies

Finnian Croy, Glasgow
Image caption Entry by Finnian Croy from Glasgow
Sarah Carpenter, Rochester
Image caption Entry by Sarah Carpenter from Rochester
Ola Walków,Poland
Image caption Entry by Ola Walków from Poland
Felicia Hodoroabă-Simion, Romania
Image caption Entry by Felicia Hodoroabă-Simion from Romania

From Selfie to Self-Expression

This is the world's first exhibition that explores the history of the selfie, from the old style portraits to the present day.

It "celebrates the truly creative potential of a form of expression often derided for its inanity".

It also highlights the increasing role of the smart phone in an artistic way.

Debora De Haes, Belgium, Ollie Hayward from Kent
Image caption Entries by Debora De Haes from Belgium and Ollie Hayward from Tunbridge Wells
Patrick Gonzales, France
Image caption Entry by Patrick Gonzales from France
Van O, Moscow
Image caption Entry by Van O from Moscow
Andy Kassier, Germany
Image caption Entry by Andy Kassier from Germany

A smartphone is 'an artistic tool'

Nigel Hurst, CEO Saatchi Gallery, says "it was difficult to choose ten to shortlist, let alone one overall winner.

"We hope that the competition has encouraged anyone with a smartphone to realise its potential as an artistic tool".

Nigel also wants to inspire us to "document their daily lives with even more creative vigour".

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