People mock Fox News claim that terror attack 'shut down city'

A busy train station

Social media users have hit back at a Fox News contributor who claimed the Westminster terror attacker "shut down" London.

Walid Phares said: "One man can shut down a city..." during the Tucker Carlson Tonight show.

Twitter users defied him by posting photos of clear roads and public transport working as normal.

Phares is employed as a terrorism expert by Fox News.

The BBC's political correspondent, Laura Kuenssberg, was reporting from Westminster when the attack happened.

London cafes are welcoming visitors
Image caption London cafes are welcoming visitors

Clar shared a picture of her journey this morning.

Willard says he works near Westminster.

Ian made a joke of Phares' comment by linking to this grime classic.

Richard was one of many to post this pretend sign on the London Underground.

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