Westminster attack: Rage at terror selfies on social media

One of the injured is helped by police
Image caption Two men caught up in the attack are helped by police

Graphic images are being shared on social media following a terrorist attack in central London - and people are angry and upset.

Eyewitnesses took photos after a car ran over people on Westminster Bridge and a police officer was fatally stabbed inside the gates of Parliament.

At least one woman has died and several others are critically injured after the car attack.

But photos of casualties - before they got help - are causing revulsion.

Sam Carr called it "disgusting".

Sarah agrees.

Layla called for people to put down their phones and help.

Harry and Dan called "shocking" behaviour.

Caitlin called it "extremely gross".

Helen said she "despaired".

It's claimed some even took selfies.

Aine couldn't believe some apparently took photos with ambulances.

Chris is sickened.

Terri "HATES" social media on days like today.

Sophie called for a "little dignity".

Westminster attack
Image caption Ambulances line up along Westminster Bridge

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