These teenagers built their own mental health app

The team behind the app

These four students have created an app to help teenagers talk about being bullied and get access to counselling.

For Me was originally a school project but the NSPCC's Childline has turned it into reality.

"I hope that young people now realise they have somewhere to go," one of the creators, Laura Hindle, tells Newsbeat.

The app features a private "locker" area where users get a daily mood tracker and can write down their thoughts.

It also lets users chat with a counsellor.

Howv the app looks

"I can't believe this app is a reality and is out there for people all over the country to access and use," Laura tells Newsbeat.

"It's absolutely amazing that we've been on this journey and been involved in this process.

"I hope people find it useful and they can get the support they need when they're going through troubled times.

"I hope that young people now realise they have somewhere to go and with the support they need they can overcome their problems."

Laura Hindle
Image caption Emily Hollings, Laura Hindle, Olivia Pryer and Evie Hill all went to Poynton High School in Cheshire

Now they want to create an adult version

"We've always said there should be an app for adults as you can only use For Me until you're 19," Laura explains.

"Problems don't stop once you become an adult - they're around your workspace - wherever you are.

"It would be amazing if there was an app like this for adults.

"It would be pretty amazing to see that happen."

The app is now available as a free download from the iOS app store and an Android version is due to be released in the coming weeks.

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