Gilda Wabbit: The face of a liberal future?

Gilda Wabbit, the drag queen that featured in the "liberal future" image shared widely on social media, says she's "actually an image of what America should be".

One week ago @Boubah360 shared the photo on his Instagram account.

He captioned it "this is how freedom looks like Mr. President (Trump), we have no problem with diversity and we embrace the freedom of religion".

Then a far-right Twitter account hijacked it.

We contacted them to ask about the tweet but they've not replied.

They changed the caption to "this is the future the liberals want" and it became a widely shared meme, with the vast majority of users saying what a good, positive message the photo showed.

The original photographer, Boubah, said he didn't know it had gone viral until a friend said CNN made a comment about it.

"I do think that it's the perfect time to have a conversation about togetherness.

"I believe that if the American people accept refugees and Muslims, the White House should as well."

The lady on the right is Gilda Wabbit

She was on the way to perform at a brunch show in New York City.

"I was not aware of the picture at all until about two days later when someone posted on my Facebook."

Gilda explained to Newsbeat that this is the first time anything like this has happened to her.

"It is interesting for me how divisive this has been and how many differing opinions there are surrounding it, because it just seems to me like two people co-existing."

'What America should be'

"I think the idea that the woman in the hijab and I existing together on a train being something wrong with America is totally at odds with what the goal of what America is.

She says she took a little bit of glee in the fact she was the poster girl for everything that's "wrong" with a liberal future.

"I feel that I'm actually an image of what America should be."

'There's so much hate'

"After the election I was a little distraught for a while.

"It woke me up to the fact that there was still so much hate and there was still so much misunderstanding and so much lack of empathy."

Gilda Wabbit says that as a drag queen she feels it's her job to speak out and stand up for minorities.

"We have a platform, based on the fact that we are performers in front of lots of people, so it's our job to stand up, speak up and say something and help push America forward."

It's become way bigger than the original picture though

If there's one thing that Twitter does best, it's growing a meme trend.

And Gilda says that the overwhelmingly positive response is a good thing.

"It is just another nod to the fact the country still wants to move forward, still wants to become more liberal and still wants to be a place where everyone can exist together without fear of judgement."

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