The 'world's worst skier' Adrian Solano had only ever trained on wheels

Adrian Solano

Adrian Solano has been hailed the "world's worst skier" after a disastrous appearance at a winter sports event in Finland.

Adrian was representing Venezuela at Lahti 2017 in the qualifying round for the cross country event.

However, it was his first time skiing on snow having previously only trained on wheels.

Adrian nearly didn't make it out of the starting blocks as he wobbled his way to the starting line.

He stumbled and slipped around the course and fell over several times during the event.

Adrian told followers on Instagram that he hadn't trained on snow after his story went viral online.

"Although I did not know the snow and I did not have the opportunity to train here I am giving the best," he wrote on Instagram after the event.

Adrian Solano
Image caption Adrian fell over several times during the cross country qualifier

"Maybe I have fallen many times but what really counts is that I will always continue to rise."

Adrian was due to spend a month training on snow in Sweden before the event, but told AFP that he was deported from France during his first attempt to reach Scandinavia.

"When I got to Paris on 19 January, I explained that I was on my way to Sweden to train. They did not believe that I ski in Venezuela.

Adrian Solano
Image caption He didn't complete the qualifying race :(

"I told them that we train on wheels. I only had 28 euros with me and the police accused me of trying to immigrate because things were going badly in my country.

"I missed a month of practice on the snow. But I am still trying because this is my dream."

Sadly, Lahti 2017 organisers confirmed on Twitter that Adrian did not complete the race.

Adrian's story has echoes of the 1993 movie Cool Runnings, which was based on the real life story of a bobsleigh team from Jamaica who'd never trained on snow before competing at the 1988 Olympics.

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