Rihanna overtakes Michael Jackson's top 10 record in America


Rihanna has beaten Michael Jackson's top 10 US singles record, with her new song Love on the Brain.

It's her 30th single to get into the top of the Billboard chart and means she sits only behind The Beatles and Madonna, who is eight ahead on 38.

Jackson, who died in June 2009, had a total of 29 singles reach the top 10.

Back in 2005, Rihanna's single Pon De Replay reached number two in both the US and UK charts.

It's taken her 10 years, seven months and two weeks to achieve the latest milestone, an average of three hit songs a year.

Madonna's hits so far span nearly 13 years.

Image caption Rihanna drew level with Madonna in a list of the most entries for a female artist on America's Hot 100 singles chart in July 2016

The Beatles managed it in a mere five years, nine months and two weeks - nearly half the time it took Rihanna.

She has beaten The Beatles at one thing - in April last year she overtook the 1960s band for the most time spent at number one with 60 weeks in total.

For the all-time record she must catch Mariah Carey's 79 weeks.

So far 13 of her 30 singles have reached number one, from SOS in 2006 to Work feat. Drake in 2016.

In the UK chart Rihanna's had 29 top 10 hits and eight number ones.

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