A tiny house in London's Chelsea is on sale for £600,000

Outside of the tiny house in Chelsea

A tiny one-bedroom "cottage" has gone up for sale in London for £600,000.

The property, in one of London's most exclusive neighbourhoods, is described as "a proper Chelsea gem".

The estate agent Douglas & Gordon also describes it as "in need of complete re-modernisation", and the pictures seem to back this up.

Some people have called the listing "madness", seeing it as evidence that house prices in London have got way too high.

The downstairs interior of the house.
Image caption The bathroom is hidden away next to the kitchen area

The house consists of a small living room with a kitchen and bathroom on the ground floor, and a bedroom upstairs.

You've got to shell out £600,000 for the property - but the spending probably won't won't stop there.

The house looks in need of some TLC from any potential buyer, although the estate agents market this as the chance for "an incoming buyer a terrific opportunity to re-fit it to their own taste and style".

But compared to the rest of the area, the property's a bargain - the average house price in the Kensington and Chelsea area is over £1.9 million, according to Rightmove.

The bedroom of the house.
Image caption "A terrific opportunity to re-fit" - or to put it another way, needs a lot of work doing to it

Amazingly, an estate agent told ITV that the house could be worth £1m once it's done up.

There's no garden, but the house is right next to St Luke's Gardens, a local park.

And don't worry, the area caters to all your needs - there's a Waitrose nearby.

St Luke's Gardens
Image caption St Luke's Gardens in Chelsea - not bad as a substitute for a garden

£600k can buy you six houses in Yorkshire

On the opposite end of the scale from London, the Yorkshire area has some of the lowest average house prices in England.

Similar one-bedroom houses to the one in Chelsea are on sale in West Yorkshire for as little as £100,000.

And they even include their own gardens, too.

In the same area, a huge 10-bedroom house is on sale for £450,000.

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