Awkward photos of politicians with school children... there are many

Theresa May in a school

Theresa May pulled this face during a visit to a school this week but she's not the first to fail in a photo shoot involving children.

The random grimace came as the prime minister chatted to year six pupils about Lego robots during a visit to Cumbria.

It was part of a trip to the North West ahead of the by-election in Copeland.

Here are some of the photo "opportunities" others may also regret.

This little girl spoke for many when she met David Cameron

Lucy Howarth face-plants the table as the former PM reads a story
Image caption Lucy Howarth face planted the table as the former PM read her a story. It became a defining image of the Cameron era

This little boy spoke for many when he met George Osborne

George Osborne
Image caption Then chancellor, Mr Osborne was talking about childcare vouchers. Titus was thinking about Peppa Pig

Ed Miliband drinking tea did not delight these pupils

Ed Miliband
Image caption The former Labour leader was meeting children during a visit in south east London

Then there was the time Boris bulldozed a boy to the ground

Boris drops the shoulder

Then London mayor, Boris took the opportunity to engage rigorously in a contact sport with 10-year-olds during a trip to Japan. Afterwards the boy said he "felt a little pain" and BoJo apologised.

And Ed Balls needed a hand getting up from the story mat

Ed Balls gets a hleping hand
Image caption The former Labour MP reached for his wife and fellow politician Yvette Cooper to get him upright

Luckily no toddlers were harmed.

There was the loneliness of Nick Clegg's school lunch

Nick Clegg
Image caption The ex Lib Dem leader was there to launch a hot school meals scheme. Not sure the boy to his left was loving it

We all know Donald Trump's son Barron is prone to a yawn during an important speech

Barron Trump
Image caption Melania Trump and Donald Trump Jr listen to Donald Trump deliver a speech at the Republican National Convention. Barron does not

Still bored, Dad...

Trump's inauguration

But there is one political guy who always nails it...

Obama at a playground
Image caption Barack Obama is not awkward at all with children. Here he is at a playground named after his daughters
Obama egg rolling
Image caption He's also an egg rolling pro
Obama reading Where the Wild Things Are
Image caption And he tells a GREAT bedtime story

Show off.

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