Animal rights group PETA calls for Warhammer 'fur' ban


A game of Warhammer

The animal rights group PETA has written to Games Workshop asking for Warhammer to not dress its miniatures in "fur".

Certain characters wear painted-on animal pelts.

Even though it's only plastic, PETA still wants this to change.

"While we appreciate that they are fictional," the group says, "draping them in what looks like a replica of a dead animal sends the message that wearing fur is acceptable."

A game of Warhammer

Even if you've never played Warhammer, you'll probably have walked past a Games Workshop - the shop where the figurines are mainly sold.

Put simply, it's a tabletop miniature game. You buy figurines, build them, paint them, and then battle.

There are two universes - Age of Sigmar, which is a fantasy world, and Warhammer 40,000, which is set in the 41st century.

But PETA argues the the fact it's a fictional world is no excuse for normalising "animal cruelty".

PETA supporters protesting in Germany
Image caption PETA is known for its eye-catching protests

"The grimdark, battle-hardened warriors are known for their martial prowess," it says on a blog, "but wearing the skins of dead animals doesn't take any skill."

"[Fur] has no more place in 2017 than it would in the year 40,000."

Warhammer characters

The group says it's written to Games Workshop's CEO Kevin Rountree.

We tried to get in touch with the company ourselves, but no one was available to talk to us.

Here's the reaction from gamers online.

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