My Trump tweet went viral - this is how it feels


When 20 year-old Molly-Mae tweeted a picture mocking President Trump's abortion bill signing she had no idea how viral it was going to go.

James Corden, Bella Thorne and CM Punk are among the 102,000 retweets it's had - giving it an audience of millions around the world.

"I think the first celebrity to share it was Jessica Chastain and she's one of my icons," Molly-Mae told Newsbeat.

"I was really flabbergasted."

Since posting the tweet she's seen her follower count increase by a couple of thousand.

The image, thought to created by the French feminist group 52 and sent to Molly-Mae by a friend, shows Hillary Clinton sat at the table surrounded by women.

It's a parody of a real-life photo of Trump earlier this week signing an executive order reinstating the so-called Mexico City Policy, which stops any US government funding going to international non-governmental organizations that carry out abortions.

In the photo, he's surrounded by men.

They've said things like 'you'll get cancer and die' and 'this is why feminism is toxic'

With the growing popularity of her tweet, comes a barrage of trolls.

But it doesn't bother Molly-Mae.

"I reply with a little gold star and say 'there you go buddy for being controversial'".

"When you put things on the internet you have to be prepared for people to give their opinions back and sometimes it is great to have people challenge you because that is the only way you can learn."

Molly-Mae lays no claim to ownership of the photo - but says that what is important is the message.

"And when it's done in such a satirical way it is easy for people to interact and engage with."

The model and aspiring actress used to be anti-feminist

While these days Molly describes herself as a "left-wing, liberal feminist", it's only been the case for the past couple of years.

"Before that I was very right-wing and very anti-feminism and the reason I became so liberal is because someone had an argument with me," she says.

"She called me out on my points and proved me wrong.

"And that's why I reach out to people and argue with them and debate with them because I believe debate is the only way to education and education is the best thing we can have on the internet."

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