LGBT dance party staged outside incoming US vice-president Mike Pence's house

LGBT activists dance to Beyonce and The Bee Gees outside Mike Pence's house
Image caption LGBT activists dance to Beyonce and The Bee Gees outside Mike Pence's house

LGBT activists who aren't happy about Mike Pence becoming US vice-president have staged a dance party protest outside his house.

Hundreds of people dressed in glow sticks and rainbow colours danced to Beyonce, Whitney Houston and The Bee Gees.

They took to the streets at Mr Pence's temporary home near Washington DC.

He will be sworn in as US vice-president on Friday.

They may have been protesting, but the mood on Wednesday night was celebratory, with dancers of all ages dressed in tutus, gold jumpsuits and wearing face paint.

Mr Pence's previous record on LGBT issues mean that many within that community aren't happy about him becoming the second most powerful man in the US.

He is against same-sex marriage and was opposed to giving legal rights to LGBT students in Indiana who wanted to use the bathroom of the gender they identified most with.

In the past, he's also supported gay conversion therapy and as governor of Indiana, signed the controversial Religious Freedom Restoration Act despite fears it could lead to the discrimination of LGBT people.

With loud music blasting out of speakers, hundreds tried to get to the new vice-president's front lawn in the suburban Chevy Chase area, northwest of Washington.

But security staff directed them to stay on the streets.

US media outlets report that Mr Pence had actually left his home around 30 minutes before the dancers arrived.

Firas Nasr, founder of the advocacy group Werk for Peace, was the main organiser of the Queer Dance Party.

"Mike Pence... has passed quite horrific anti-LGBT laws," he said. "He has also taken staunch stances against the LGBT community and we are not OK with that.

"Dance has historically been a really powerful symbol for the LGBT community... It allows us to tap into our bodies and use our bodies, use movement to promote a movement for peace, love, and self-acceptance."

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