Ikea renames some of its products in America and Sweden after internet searches

Ikea flags

Ikea has renamed some of its products after popular search engine results.

The Swedish home furniture shop, known for its meatballs and flat packs, has changed some product names to frequently searched problems such as "I need more men in my life".

The store based the names on relationship issues in Sweden and the products are also on sale in the US.

A spokesperson for Ikea told Newsbeat they're hoping to "improve" relationships around the home.

A candle that is normally called Lugga has been renamed "he doesn't close the door" on Ikea's Swedish and US sites.

A day bed normally called Hemnes has been renamed "my partner snores".

Bed is renamed by Ikea

The project was launched in Sweden a few weeks ago but it's now been taken forward by Ikea USA.

Ikea Sweden told Newsbeat: "When you googled your problem, you found an Ikea product with the exact same name - on a site identical to Ikea's main shopping site.

"[It's] a product that might help you improve your relationship at home - or just remind you of the fact that our products are inspired by your life, for real."


The store says it wants to help with items such as a mattress wedge (needed for when you push two singles together) renamed "She doesn't want to cuddle".

But surely a wedge means she does?

These are the newly-named Ikea items

We're also slightly unsure about the corkscrew renamed "Why men can't open up". Well, surely they can now?

The company says: "Whether it's a snoring husband, a never ending gaming son or any other relationship problem you have, Ikea can come to the rescue.

"Or at least put a smile on your face, while you keep googling for an answer."

If you're moving house, checking the receipt might take a while.

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