Canada's immigration website crashed as Donald Trump becomes US president

Canadian flag

Canada's main immigration website crashed overnight as Republican candidate Donald Trump inched closer to becoming US president.

The site went down repeatedly on Tuesday night as the businessman took the lead in most major American states.

He's since been elected as the 45th president of the United States after beating Hillary Clinton.

The site's now back up and running and some computer experts say it may just have been a coincidence.

Some Americans have been saying for a while that they'd move to Canada if Donald Trump won.

In February, the island of Cape Breton on Canada's Atlantic coast marketed itself as a relaxing place for Americans wanting to escape if Donald Trump was elected to the White House.

Some people on Twitter have jokingly been saying they want to move to the country.

The official Canadian Twitter account has posted a message saying immigrants are welcome in the country.

If you're interested, there are three main ways you can move to Canada.

If you have a skill or profession, have family in the country or if you're claiming asylum.

US/Canada border
Image caption In this photo near Beecher Falls, Vermont, Canada's on the right and America's on the left

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