Trump and Clinton: Meet the young campaigners 'running on adrenaline'


Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump's young supporters are making a final push for votes in the US presidential election.

In Dallas, Texas, campaigners on both sides have been bashing phones to get people out to polling stations.

This state typically votes Republican so Donald Trump, that party's candidate, is most likely to win here.

But Hillary Clinton's supporters are hopeful their candidate can pull off a surprise.


Many of the young Republicans are reluctant supporters of their candidate Donald Trump.

Chris Ford, chairman of Dallas Young Republicans says many have rallied around their candidate.

"Right now I think a majority of young Republicans are backing Donald Trump.

"You saw a lot of negativity earlier in the race because a lot of us didn't support him, but I think the policy is most important - we're just going to have another Obama term with Hillary Clinton."


But even if some young Republicans are not too keen on Donald Trump.

They say it's all about stopping Hillary Clinton, who they see as corrupt and untrustworthy.

Although the former first lady was ahead in the polls going into election day, there's cautious optimism about a Trump win.

"I'm pretty optimistic," explains Kyle Wiley, vice president of the Dallas young Republicans.

"I think he does have a chance especially seeing how the polling is shoring up, so I think he might be able to pull it out."

Kaitlin is making phone calls to encourage people to vote Republican, but she stops short of actually backing Mr Trump.

"I think his comments about women have really rubbed people up the wrong way.

"I have not made a decision yet..."


Across town in an office, the other side is pushing hard to get people out in support of Hillary Clinton.

They're confident, but not complacent.

"Anything is possible," says Brandon.

"But I think that everyone here believes she's going to win this."

I'm exhilarated, emotional, I'm running on adrenaline only
Jara Butler
Dallas County Young Democrats

The team are making calls to voters in Texas but also Iowa, a swing state which could go either way.

Hillary Clinton is the first female candidate for president from one of the two major parties in the US.

Jara Butler, vice president of the Dallas County Young Democrats tells us for that reason, the election means a great deal.

"I'm exhilarated, emotional, I'm running on adrenaline only.

"She's the woman who said you can be strong, have the career and balance it out. It's ok to be ambitious and want to achieve."


Celebrities including Lady Gaga and Jay Z, and Chance the Rapper have supported Hillary Clinton during the campaign.

Donald Trump has said that this doesn't matter as his support is all about people power and a movement for change.

But Jara tells Newsbeat those endorsements are important.

"There are people who have an opportunity and medium to reach people that a politician wouldn't normally reach."

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