Trump v Clinton: The US election explained in the simplest terms

Trump v Clinton

The US presidential election happens on Tuesday 8 November after one of the most bitter campaigns in memory.

There are hundreds of thousands of news articles and videos on the internet about who the candidates are, what they've said and what they plan to do if they win.

On this page we're keeping things super simple.

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All you need to know about how the next US president is elected

This is what Donald Trump says he'll do if he wins

This is what Hillary Clinton says she'll do if she wins

What's the deal with Donald Trump's wall?

What's the deal with Hillary Clinton's emails?

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Ever wondered why the Republicans have an elephant symbol?

Ever wondered why the Democrats have a donkey symbol?

Voters in San Antonio, Texas, give their views on the election

We went to the Mexico/US border

Border Patrol Agent Joe Reyes explained his job to Newsbeat reporter Declan Harvey.

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