Five things we've learned being 'Teen Moms'

The teen mums sitting on a sofa

You've probably seen the US version of the show, but now Teen Mom is coming to the UK.

It follows the lives of Mia, Amber, Chloe, Naomi and Megan.

So how much does being a teen mum really change someone's life and is it actually as hard as people say?

Amber and Chloe became mums to Brooklyn and Marley when they were 17.

Newsbeat finds out what they have learned so far.

It's tough. Really tough

"I hate being a single mum," Amber tells us. "I love being a mum, but I hate being a single mum.

"I try to get as much support as I can from my family but they've got lives as well. Pretty much it's down to all me, bringing Brooklyn up by myself.

"I live on my own, I've got my own house, I'm working paying bills and stuff. It's so stressful. You have to provide and look after that child.

Chloe is still living with her parents but she's also working in two jobs and agrees that it's hard.

"You just have to mature overnight really. But it's hard for someone who's 40, 30 or 20. You can't compare age."

Amber with Brooklyn

Your friends can be in a very different stage of life

"All my friends are at uni and I'd be at uni right now if I didn't have Marley," Chloe says. "But I can still do that one day."

"If I could give any advice to any young girls, it would be wait. You can have a baby any time you want. Travel the world, go to uni, go to college... just wait."

Amber still loves socialising but says things have changed since she had Brooklyn. "After I've given birth, I don't see my friends," she says.

"There have been times when they've all gone out and they've uploaded a picture and I'm like, 'hang on a minute why haven't they invited me out'?"

"And they're like 'Oh we thought you'd have Brooklyn' and I'm like, 'yeah but if you give me enough notice I could sort something'."

Babies can change your relationship

Chloe is still in a relationship with Marley's dad Jordan, but things have changed.

"I guess we don't spend as much time together any more," she says. "We used to be able to do what we want but now we can't because we have a responsibility."

"He works in the day and I work in the evenings. So we don't get to spend a lot of time together. That's a lot of tugging on the strings.

"But I love him to bits, he's a brilliant dad and a good boyfriend."

Chloe with Marley

Not all teen mums are the same

Amber wants people to stop stereotyping young mums.

"I've always been dead mature for my age. I've always tried to make my appearance look nice. I try to dress Brooklyn nicely.

"I applied for the show to show other mums [that] just because you have a baby doesn't mean you can't do other things... you can still have a life.

"Some mums might think 'I'm going to quit work, I'm going to quit college and claim benefits'. But I haven't been brought up that way."

You'll survive

"I wouldn't want to persuade anyone to get pregnant when they're young," Amber tells Newsbeat.

"But there's never been a moment when I thought 'why did I say I can do this?', because I've managed. I've cared for him and he's grown into a beautiful boy."

Chloe calls being a mum "hard" but "the best job in the world".

Her advice to other young mums: "Keep your head up high and just keep going. You can accomplish anything if you work hard enough and put your mind to it."

Teen Mom UK starts Wednesday 2 November at 8pm on MTV

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