Harry Potter play 'shouldn't be made into film', says director David Yates

David Yates
Image caption David Yates says he's had his "fill of Potter" after directing half the series, saying Fantastic Beats is "something other" than Harry Potter

The Harry Potter and the Cursed Child play shouldn't be made into a film, according to David Yates.

He's the director of Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them - the new wizarding world prequel, as well as the last four films from the main series.

"There's something unique and special keeping it as a play," he tells Newsbeat. "It's a shame to then say 'Let's turn it into a movie'".

Billed as the eighth story - 19 years later, the play has been a huge hit.

The script is the fastest-selling UK book this decade, and the current run in London's West End is sold out.

Harry Potter play poster

"It's a brave and incredibly successful way of presenting these classic characters," the director explains.

"The guys who created it have done such a wonderful job and it's such a different medium."

Some fans who are unable to get tickets desperately want the play, set when Harry Potter is aged around 40, to hit the big screen.

Speculation that it will eventually be made into a film has been rife, and it's something JK Rowling herself has brushed off too.

But she's since changed her mind, announcing that Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find them will instead be five films.

Actors from the film series have also denied any involvement in a potential screen play.

Daniel Radcliffe told the BBC last month he would potentially consider it in around 30 years, making reference to the success the Star Wars franchise return had.

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