Liam McIntyre on why he wanted to be JD Fenix in Gears of War 4

This is a photo of JD the lead in Gears of War 4.

Liam McIntyre says actors like him are turning to parts in gaming because the stories are better and more detailed.

He says he's stepped into "big boots" as JD Fenix in the latest instalment of Gears of War.

"There are a lot of big actors jumping into this space and I think it's because of the detailed stories that games are telling."

Gears of War is a third-person shooter set in a world of reptilian hominids and mutants.

"My character is the son of the legendary Marcus Fenix, who is the star of the other three games in the series.

This is a photo of Gears of War's characters Marcus and JD Fenix.

"He's very different to his father in the sense that he gets to be the new young kid on the block. He's sort of the millennial of the story."

Liam says his character is able to see things through fresh eyes.

"He sees his tough grump of father but he's the young hopeful one. So you get this wonderful kind of conflict as he tries to reconcile with his father."

But taking over from "one of video games' greatest heroes" wasn't Liam's biggest challenge.

"You take things for granted as an actor in TV and film such as the setting. If you're on location somewhere like in a giant office tower, you're probably actually in a giant office tower!

Things are exploding, people are yelling and you've got to save someone's life - you've got to make all this real for the player
Liam McIntyre

"But in video games you get told things and you have to spend a lot of energy making those things real.

"Things are exploding, people are yelling and you've got to save someone's life - you've got to make all this real for the player."

Thus far, Liam's probably best known as a sci-fi actor playing the title character in the Spartacus TV series.

But he would encourage other actors to take the opportunities presented by gaming characters seriously.

"Once you've actually done it [acted in a game], when people ask you about it you kind of go, 'you guys are missing out, this is a fantastic opportunity to be part of something that is fun and tells great stories.'

"When I'm watching a film or a TV programme at some point I'm a passive observer. But in video games there's a sort of adrenaline rush where stories happen because you do something to make them happen."

This is a photo of combat during Gears of War.

Liam, of course, is not the first actor to delve into the world of gaming and lists Kevin Spacey, Willem Dafoe and Ellen Page as some of his favourites who've made the transition.

The 34-year-old has been a gamer since he was four years old and told us that fans can expect JD to face emotional pitfalls as well as physical adventures.

"I guess Gears of War is the next exciting project of infinite-nerdy-coolness for me."

Gears of War 4 is out on general release today.

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